Network Access

Network Access - High Speed Network Performance

As organizations move to higher speed networks existing monitoring devices can be easily overwhelmed.

To effectively monitor and manage your entire network there are challenges ahead.

  • Monitoring your network at all locations so that there are no blind spots.
  • Configuring and managing the traffic flow to monitoring devices

Network Monitoring and Troubleshooting

Monitoring network traffic is the way to easily troubleshoot and fix network issues. Get complete visibility into:

  • Network performance
  • Application performance
  • Security monitoring

Monitoring and management tools that directly inspect network packet streams is rapidly is growing in popularity and capabilities.  The reason for this growth, is that “packets don’t lie”.  Packets reveal what happening with users and applications as sessions and transactions happen on the network.

Share Simultaneous Access to Network Data

Next Rev access products help you aggregate network traffic from your switch span ports and Taps to centralized or distributed tools.  This enables you to use multiple tools that can now share simultaneous access to that network data.  With simultaneous access, companies can:

  • Send data from any network link to any tool accurately
  • Eliminate Switch SPAN/Tap Shortages by multicasting to multiple tools
  • Provide visibility of multiple network segments to any tool by aggregating traffic

Tools, Services, and Training

Next Rev provides the tools, services, and training needed.  We help companies deploy multiple network tools by conveniently linking test and monitoring tools to any traffic on the network.

The result:

  • Improved network visibility
  • Maximized ROI for your existing networking tools.
  • Eliminate blind spots in your network