Insuring High Performance Networking

about next rev - high performance networkingNext Rev provides network access, testing, and security solutions for any size network. We provide industry leading hardware and software to help keep your network running at maximum efficiency.

We provide our customers with solutions that are work and are hassle free. We’re serious about helping you avoid the high cost of systems that don’t perform.

Services Overview Listing

  • Installation of network tools, software and hardware
  • Training that is both easy and practical.
  • Inventory management
  • Software maintenance management

Next Rev works extensively with clients in the Mid-Atlantic Region and also with clients across the U.S. Additionally, we work with clients across the U.S. We comply with all levels of Government, School Boards, and the Health Care industry. In the commercial marketplace, we are known for our expertise in banking networks and other customers with large data centers.

Empowering Network Solutions

Companies often outgrow their networks and the tools to manage them.

We help companies that need the expertise and capabilities to manage higher speed networks. We provide powerful, effective solutions that reliably solve problems.